‘Sienna’, House / Mini-Hotel

‘Sienna’, Mustique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Whilst working in London, Tim was the Project Leader for the construction of a new,

6-Bedroom house on the private and exclusive island of Mustique in the Caribbean.


Designed by Andrew Martin Design (AMD) for a private client as a mini-hotel, with six permanent staff to look after guests, the house has spectacular views towards the Atlantic Ocean from its location within a forest on the side of a mountain.


The House features an underground water harvesting, collecting and treatment system that ensures that all rainwater, stormwater, grey water and black water is managed on-site, as the island receives very little rainfall for 9 months of the year and water is therefore a precious commodity.


Tim designed an innovative solution to the challenge of ensuring that the swimming pool water was warmed-up to avoid the shock of jumping into the cold water when the air temperature was generally above 30ºC … it is in the tropics, after all.  His solution also ensured that the paving surrounding the pool was kept cool enough to walk on in bare feet, despite the heat of the sun making it unbearable to do so otherwise.


He used a hydronic underfloor heating system … outside and in reverse!  The cold water of the pool was pumped through a continuous-loop, pipe system within the mortar bed directly under the paving.  The cold water was warmed by the heat of the paving and this simultaneously cooled down the temperature of the paving.  Simple … and very cost effective when compared to the cost of using solar hot water panels to heat the water with the free co-benefit of cooling the paving for the guests.


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